Welcome to the Ancient Peddler website! Ancient Peddler is a Yahoo group composed of collectors of ancient coinage. We host a live auction every Sunday, and meet for chats on Friday nights. Please visit the ABOUT US page to learn more about our interesting group.

At several of our chats, and in the daily list postings, the idea of a group collection kept coming up. The basic idea is, that as a group, we would have a very interesting, and impressive collection. This website is the vehicle that will allow us to display our "Group Collection". Every member will have the opportunity to have coins from their collection posted on this site. This Group Collection is under construction, we have completed the Republican period through the Adoptive Emperors. We are currently working on the  Severan era. 

Please look through our collections, you won't be disappointed!

As well as the main collection, this site will also host some other "Theme Collections" As an example, please visit the ONE COIN COLLECTION. This collection is comprised of each collectors most prized coin, the one coin they could never part with. You will see some very impressive coins, as well as some very ordinary, even ugly coins. This speaks to the nature of the membership. It's not the value of the coin, its the value the collector sees in the coin. The coins aren't collected for the value, but for the passion. We are a passionate bunch when it comes to our coins!!

Content is constantly being added, so please check back and see how we have progressed. 
Better yet, join our group, it doesn't cost anything!! We think you'll like what you see!

What's New!!
09/09/08 Added more coins from the collection of Glenn Aitelli. This Augustus As (RIC 81) struck under Tiberius and this Nero as (Victory with shield flying left).

Added four coins from the collection of Glenn Aitelli to the Trajan section. These two nice RIC 126 and RIC 337 denarii, this RIC 629 dupondius with Fortuna seated left, and this RIC 519 As with Spes advancing left.

Added two Nerva denarii RIC 9 (salus seated) and RIC 26, with "clasped hands" reverse from the collection of Glenn Aitelli.

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