We are the Ancient Peddler coin group on yahoo. This website is dedicated to our passion. The collection and preservation of ancient coins.

Who are we? We are a disparate and eclectic group of people from all walks of life and social circumstances. We are young, old, married, and single. We are from America, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. We collect coins from all areas and eras of the ancient world, Greek, Roman , Egyptian. We collect them in all conditions, uncleaned, cleaned, bronze, silver, and when we can afford it, gold. Some of us have long years of experience, some of us are fairly new to the passion. Some of us are dealers, some of us are buyers. We are all collectors who love the beauty and the art of coinage from the ancient world.

At this site we have gathered what we feel are some of the best examples of our collective collections. Here, for all to see, is a collection of some of histories greatest figures, in coin representation. This will be a collection we proudly feel would rival any private collection in the world. It is a collection as eclectic and varied as the members who have assembled it.

We hope you enjoy our work, and appreciate our collection. We welcome anyone who is interested to join our family at our Ancient Peddler group site on Yahoo. We have a great family of collectors and beginners. We have a chat every Friday night, as well as a no fee LIVE auction every Sunday afternoon. All are invited to share out passion and love of these great pieces of history!

The Ancient Peddler Group


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