Coin Id Help Form

Please use this form to help the group help ID any coins you are having trouble attributing. We are testing this out as a tool ACE can provide to students to help id ACE coins. If you have suggestions on how this form may be improved, please contant Kevin or Mark.

Directions: Simply fill this form out as completely as you can and submit it. A e-mail will be sent to the group from coin_id_help. It will contain the info you enter on this form, giving the attributionist (if there is such a word!) the details to help.

About You
Your first name and last initial
Your School
Your schools Yahoo ID

General Coin Information

Apparent Metal

If other/not sure please describe

Diameter (please use mm)

Weight In grams


Need help? Check this > excellent website< on obverse portrait styles.

Head Facing


If Other/not sure please describe

Bust Type

If Other/not sure please describe

Other things seen with the bust
(i.e spears, shields, mappas, etc.)

Inscription (as much as you can make out, use * for letters you can't make out) (help with Greek letters)

Letters/objects in obverse field, i.e letters behind the bust, stars. etc.
(help with Greek letters)


Anything else about the obverse?



Inscription (as much as you can make out, use * for letters you can't make out)

   Reverse scene:

If single figure, standing or seated, are they facing:

Reverse description detail:

(200 char. max)

Other than the inscription, are there any letters or symbols in the feilds? In the below example we have a STAR in the left field, a B in the right field, the above field is empty, and the exergue contains SM (dot)TS(dot).

Above scene

Left field marks

Right field marks

Below scene( above the exegue)

Exergue (very bottom of the reverse)

At this time, we don't have the ability for you to attach a picture to this form. We encourage you to upload your pic to a webspace and provide us with a link to it. A picture helps tremendously when trying to attribute a coin, and increase the chances that you will recieve a correct attribution. Some of the hosting options provide a LOOOONG url. If this is the case, please use TINY URL to produce a more manageable link.

URL of your pic. (you may not link to an image on your own computer, you must upload it to yahoo or other image hosting web service)


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How To Enter Greek Characters

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to enter Greek characters. Until we can figure out a way (if you have an ideas E-MAIL US) here is how we will handle it.

To enter a Greek letter use the Latin equivalent in parentheses
Greek Character How to enter it
(P) or (R)
(U) or (Y)

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