Attribution Help

Wildwinds. Great site for for attributing coins. It has a partial legend search engine. Just type the letters you can make out, and it will show you the possible matches in the database.

Jencek's Ancient Coins & Antiquities and Jencek's Obverse Legend Search Engine. John Jeneck's excellent site. The grandaddy of all the search engines. He even offers a discount on coins in his store, if you can find an obverse legend not in his database. A must see!!!

The Roman Coin Attribution Toolkit Provided by FORVM ANCIENT COINS. Another useful site. It has a Legend search engine, as well as example of obverse bust types, reverse types, mintmark info, and links to tons of other useful info.

Portrait Styles on Roman Imperial Coinage Another excellent site, with bust type examples!!

Dirty Old Coins. Emperor lists, excellent obverse legend search engine, maps, timelines...a must see site!!!

Tantalus - The Online Coin Registry. Do you have your coins up on Tantalus yet? Also a great research tool!

HELVETICA'S IDENTIFICATION HELP PAGE.  Have a tough late bronze coin for which you just can't find a RIC number? This is the place to find it!

MONETA Moneta is a FANTASTIC program for cataloging your collection. It has a searchable database of obverse and reverse inscriptions, mintmarks, and tons of historical information. It is well worth the expense. It even helps date your coin. Do yourself a favor and pick it up ASAP. I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it for myself.

Identifying Late Roman Bronze Coins. Inspired by the books "Die Spätrömische Kupferprägung" by Guido Bruck and "Late Roman Bronze Coinage" by Carson, Hill & Kent, Spanish collectors Javi and Mapila created this awesome tool to help you ID your LRBC's! This site is really impressive and helpful! Find your coin from the records of thousands of major numismatic auctions! If you use AND and NOT between terms you want to include or exclude from your search this works really well!

Helpful Info, Forums and e-mail lists

Ancient Peddler A Yahoo group of fun folks, with varied interest, who love ancient coins! They host a LIVE auction every Sunday at 2:00 PM est. Be there or be square. WHAT? your not a member? Well click the link and join!!

Coinzappers. A Yahoo group dedicated to the art of zapping coins. Electrolysis and other alternative measure of cleaning the "crusties" are discussed.

CoinPhotography. A yahoo group dedicated to.... Guess what? :-)

Uncleaned Ancient Coins This list group will discuss the the methods of cleaning the coins found in the uncleaned ancient coin lots that are sold online. The discussion includes the cleaning and restoration of all ancient coin types, including ancient Roman, ancient Greek, ancient Chinese cash, Islamic, Byzantine, Celtic, and the coins of other non-classical societies.

AncientCoinTrader is the AP sister list where members can buy, sell and trade ancient coins and artifacts. Be sure to check it out as well!

The ACM-L (Ancient Coin Market) is one of the oldest Yahoo groups (founded in 1999) where sellers and collectors of ancient coins can post their sales and want lists. The list moderators are Thom Bray and Kevin Barry.

MONETA-L Founded in 1999 and with over 2000 members this is the oldest and largest discussion group on Ancient coins on the web! Not to be confused with the program listed above with the similar name, this list is moderated by Robert Kokotailo, Kevin Barry, Thom Bray and Dave Garstang.

Uncleanedcoins is the oldest chat list on Yahoo were the cleaning, ID-ing and are discussed. "A place where Uncleaned coin collectors congregate without the ridicule of the elitist of the hobby". 

FORVM`s Classical Numismatics Discussion Board FORVM ANCIENT COINS' excellent discussion board. Incredible amounts of useful info is shared in this lively, and friendly board. Please join ASAP. Check out their catalog of coin offerings as well. Worth the click! Brought to you by Vcoins. Excellent place for links to other coin related sites, a forum ,and many interesting article, a must click link! Also the very kind and generous host of this little website!! BIG THANKS!!!

Cool Places To Buy Stuff!!

Southern California Coins A good place for ancient coins as well as US coinage. Great prices, excellent coins, and best of all, Brett is a friendly and knowledgeable dealer. A must click!!........... Well!? What are you waiting for click the link!!!

The Ancient Coin Store This is his online store of Jerry Jones, the founder of the Ancient Peddler, and Coinzapper groups, Jerry Jones. It is a very well done site featuring ancient coins. Jerry is an artist and appreciates the coins for the minature works of art they are. Click there today!!

Common Bronze "A few not so common, a little silver, and one gold." Tom Ross and Tony Jaworski's site. These guys specialize in the things the uncleaned coin collector needs. Of speciall note is their tungsten cleaning picks, the thing is unbelievable! Stop by today and check it out!! Do it now!!!

New Empire Antiquities Another excellent dealer for uncleaned and cleaned coins, highly recommended!!

Noble Roman Coins Yet another excellent dealer for uncleaned and cleaned coins. Also a great source for cleaning supplies. They have this Diamond dusted dental pick that works wonders!! Worth every penny. 

Imperial Coins & Artifacts, Inc. Don't miss Alfredo De La Fe's online store with a high quality selection of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins! Great coins for competitive prizes!

Frank S. Robinson - Ancient Coins & World Coins. Be sure to frequent Frank Robinson's ''no frills" website! Frank sell world coins by fixed price lists, specializing in Chinese cash and other oriental coins; and ancient coins mainly by mail auction. Several AP members are repeat buyers at Frank's Unreserved Mail Bid Sale!

VCoins The world's largest internet mall for Ancient coins! One place with access to nearly 200 dealers of ancient coins! The search functions lets you search all the stores at the same time, very cool!! Brought to you by the fine folks at

Imperator Coins & Antiquities - Run by AP member Joe M, you are sure to find a bargain here! I definitely have!

Aes You Like it! - AP member Edward J. Witherspoon's online store. I have bought at least half a dozen coins from him and have never been disappointed!

Vaughn Rare Coin Gallery - AP member Chip Vaughn's very own VCoins store! 

Fel Temp Coins - Glenn Simonelli's awesome online store, arranged alphabetically according to obverse portrait.

Brent-Krueger Coin Supply Great place to buy storage supplies. They have SAFLIP coin flips and tons of other coin storage and handling supplies.

Cool Sites about ancient coins

THE HOME OF AURELIAN AND OTHER EMPERORS Tom Ross' site devoted to Aurelian, coinzapping, and tons of other stuff. Lots off stuff to see, so you better get started!!

Kevin's Coins  A great website that features cleaning and photography tips. It also display's Kevin's collections, mostly from uncleaned lots. 

Garage Action Online Bob Brinsfields fun site. It shows off his collection of Constantinian BEATA TRAQVILITAS reverse types. Lots of other stuff worth checking out. Zach Beasley's awesome research Site. While you're at it, be sure the check his VCoins store as well!

Dad's Coins. Keith Palmers website. It explores "One Dad's journey to understanding numismatics" It features Roman Imperial coins, Hammered coins, and Milled coins. Something for everybody, and a nicely designed site.....Click the link...CLICK IT!!!

Harry Stewart Harry's collection of Greek, Provincial, Roman, Byzantine and Celtic coins. Harry knows coins!! Cover you keyboard while your there. You may drool on it!!

Ernest Thompson's Julia Doman Site. A excellent site with loads of information on the ancient Roman hottie, Julia Domna. Historical facts, geneaology, coins inscriptions, and mint information. Also photos of Ernies collection. Well worth the visit!!

The Ruth and Louise McCollum Memorial Collection of Ancient Coins Mark Lehmans excellent collection of ancient coins. Lots of interesting and rarer types here. Mark knows his coins, and the history behind them. Well worth a visit!!

Doug Smith's site on Ancient Green & Roman coins Pack a lunch when you go here. Lots and lots to see and learn!! Articles on just about any coin subject you can thinks of.

Andy Thall's Homepage & Collection Visit Andy's website. It features his outstanding collection of ancients. Some truly nice and one of a kind coins. Some pretty cool pics' of cacti too!! Come on click it.....CLICK IT!!

Jan de Veen's Collection. Jan's collection of Roman coins, with has a page that deals with modern forgeries.

Coin Blogs, Podcasts and MySpace pages

Brett's Coin Blog. Brett Telford's coin Blog. This is a must read for lovers of ancient coins!

Äncient Coin Cleaning And Restoration. AP founder Jerry Jones' Blog on coin photography, zapping and repatination. Wow! A definite must read!

Musings of an Ancient Coin Collector.  Jerry "Rocket JC" 's musings on his colection and coins he likes or dislikes.  A really neat  blog!

Kevin's Coins and Other Things. Yep. Kevin Ingleston also has an Ancient Coin related blog now. Don't miss it!

Jim McGarigle's Blog entitled "Ancient & World Coin Geek". Another great coin-related Blog by a well respected AP member!. Check it out now!

Joe M's MySpace page. Joe is a longstanding AP member and sells Ancient coins & antiquities from his "Imperator Coins & Antiquities" shop.

Actor and ancient coin collector Thom Bray (co-founder of ACM-L and Moneta-L) also host the site "Pieces of Time", where he holds the webs's only Podcast on Ancient coins. Very cool! Check it out!

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