Obv: IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG Severus Alexander, his laureate and draped bust right. AR Denarius Struck 231 ad

Mint: Rome Diameter: 18.93mm Weight: 2.59g

Die axis: 180 deg

Rev: PROVIDENTIA AVG Anonona, standing head left, holding grain ears and anchor, a modius at her feet.
IV part2, 252b
RSC, Vol 3, 508a
Sear RCV, vol 2.7923,
Van Meter 54/3

This coin came in a group of 9 semi-uncleaned denarii found in the UK. These were the first silver coins I ever cleaned myself and this one came out absolutely stunning! I am proud of this cleaning job because I managed to stop short of overcleaning it, retaining the coin's dark patina rather than turning it into a shiny silver denarius with a "brand new" look.

The before and after pictures can be found on my website at http://www.chijanofuji.com/SeverusAlexander2.html

I have recently also stared using the obverse of this coin as the main logo of my online personal collection at: http://www.chijanofuji.com/Roman_Coins.html