AR Greek Tetradrachm

Obv: Dionysos face rt. Ivy wreathed

Struck: after 146bc

Diameter: 32mm Weight 16.8g Die Axis: 0deg

Rev: Herakles stding left, leaning on a club, holding lion's skin.


Richard Fottrell Collection

I have many coins that I would not give up willingly,but this may be my most important coin. It is the coin I hand to those that ask me why I collect coins. They cannot resist hefting it a few times in their palm before admiring the beauty of the coin, They never fail to be amazed that a coin that rivals, if not surpasses our coins, was produced by peoples thought to be so ancient. As our children tend to think us so slow witted, so do all of us tend to think of our ancestors as less talented or thoughtful than us. This coin never fails to impress, especially the young. It allows people to enjoy the other small but often amazing coins.