The One Coin I Could Never Give Up!!

A question was asked on the list, what is the one coin that you could never give up? These were the coins that were submitted. As you browse the gallery, you will notice many very nice coins, as well as a few rough ones. What is important here is the connection the collector has with the coin. For some, it was the first "good" coin they had found. For others it was the coin that completed a series. For others it was a coin that they had searched high and low for, before finally finding it. Collecting is as much about the search (or research!) as it is about the coin. I fear that people that are not bitten by this bug will never understand the joy a corroded, pitted hunk of metal can bring, and the connection to the very personal history that comes with it. Suckers!!!! More coins for us!!


Enjoy your visit to the gallery. If you are a member, and would like one of your coins posted in this gallery, e-mail me!! If you aren't a member, join up here. Above all, enjoy!!!