Hadrian Sestertius RIC 907 f

Orichalum Sestertius 32mm (24.67gm) Struck 136 A.D Rome

Obv: HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP Hadrian, his laureate and draped bust right

Rev: ADVENTVI AVG THRACIAE Hadrian, togate, standing right, his right hand raised and holding roll in right hand, facing Thracia, who is standing left, and is sacrificing out of a patera in her right hand over a flaming altar between them. Thracia wears a short tunic, and holds nothing in her left hand, which she holds by her side. A victim behind the altar.
exergue = S C

RIC 907f, Sear 3569, Van Meter 64/15    Jan de Veen Collection