Augustus Denarius RIC 322

Silver Denarius 19mm (3.44gr) Struck 19 B.C. Rome

Obv: Q RUSTIAS FORTVNAE ANTIAT Conjoined busts of Fortunae Victrix and Felix right on bar wth rams-head finials.

Rev: CAESAR AVGVSTO EX SC / FOR RE Elaborate altar inscribed: FOR RE (Fortuna Redux)

RIC I, 322, RSC 513, SR 1605, VM 146      Mark Lehman Collection

This fairly abberant coin of Augustus' reign is one of the very last of the inscribed "moneyers'" denarii - holed as made. When I first got this and saw "FORRE" on it, I thought the dealer was messing wth me - then I found out it was an abbreviation for "Fortuna Redux"