Nero Sestertius Forgery


Fantasy/Forgery of a "Sestertuis" 35mm (29.81gr) Possibly Struck in the 17th Century

Obv: N gamma gamma ISPAE SISPASTOR Bare-headed draped bust of Nero right, tooled lituus in field right.

Rev: Heavily tooled "Annona" reverse with many fantasy additions.

Similar to a Cavino      Mark Lehman Collection

This is one of the strangest pieces I own - it appears to have been punished out of a Cavino-type 17th century repro of a Nero "Anonna" sestertius - the rim is hammered up "protocontorniate" style, the obverse inscription is completely tooled-up, there are fantasy devices tooled into both the obverse and reverse. I only bother to post it because I'm sure nobody else has one like it.