Second and fourth wife of Elagabalus

Augusta: A.D. 221
IVLIA AQVILIA SEVERA, the daughter of Quintus Aquilius, a former consul under Cararacalla, was married to Elagabalus in the early part of 221 A.D. The fact that she was a Vestal Virgin caused great outrage among the Roman populace. Elagabalus was soon forced to divorce her and marry the more reputable Annia Faustina instead, but that marriage was even shorter lived, and he stubbornly returned to Aquilia Severa. She remained his consort until his assasination in March, 222 A.D. History does not record Aquilia's final fate, but it is doubtful that she was allowed to live.
(Contributed by Jan de Veen)

The Denarii

Silver Denarius (19x21mm, 3.31gr), Struck 221 A.D. in Rome

Obv: IVLIA AQVILIA SEVERA AVG Draped bust right

Rev: CONCORDIA  Concordia standing half-left, sacrificing out of patera over lighted altar and holding double cornucopiae; star in field high left.

RIC 225 (Elagabalus), RSC 2a, Sear 7679 var.
Bob Rinaldi Collection