How To Submit A Coin!!!
We are accepting submissions for THE ONE COIN collection, and for the Ancient Peddler Group's sub collection of the Crisis and Decline (235-268 A.D)

We are also still accepting coins for the sub-collections previously completed 
(Julio-Claudian dynasty through the Severans). 
To help keep submissions straight, please limit the submissions to these areas. 

Important note!! I use the RIC # to organize the Imperial coins. If at all possible, see if you can included the RIC or RSC# for your coin. Not everybody has RIC or RSC I realize, but at least check wildwinds. It saves time if I don't have to find a RIC# for each coin first. Thanks!!

Step 1: Be a member of Ancient Peddler!!

Step 2: IMPORTANT RULES FOR FILE NAME!! The format for file names will be yourname_emperor_denom_#.jpg i.e yourname_vespasian_den_1.jpg for the first Vespasian denarius. yourname_vespasian_den_2.jpg for the second, etc. 

Sticking to this format will help keep things sorted. You may abbreviate, but make sure I'll be able to decipher it. You may also use your first name and last initial instead of your AP screen name if you like. 
See the bottom of this page for another example of file naming. Thanks!!!!

Step 3: E-mail me me a picture of the coin. I would like them to be 600x300 in resolution.  

Step 3.5!! CLICK HERE to fill in an online form to give me the details about your coin. Then click the SUBMIT button. The data will magically appear in my inbox!! As stated above you will still need to send me a picture in a separate e-mail.

Step 4: Patiently wait for me to get the coin(s) included on the website.

Step 5: Enjoy! 

Example of a 600x300 pic, is this big enough?